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WELCOME to Region VI, one of six regions of the National Medical Association. The National Medical Association was established in October of 1895 and is the largest and oldest national professional organization representing over 22,000 African-American physicians in the United States and the Virgin Islands. The members include primary care physicians, medical sub-specialists and surgical specialists. 


The NMA is geographically divided into six regions. The last, Region VI includes the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Each of the states within Region VI has local affiliate societies. With so many states in its jurisdiction, the overarching task for the Regional chair is to enhance and improve communalization and relationships among state and local societies, and with the national office. The anticipated outcome of this task is a more informed Region VI member of the NMA. 

Our Mission is to continue to be committed to improving the health status and outcomes of minorities and the medically underserved. While the NMA has historically focused on health issues related to African Americans, its principles, goals, initiatives and philosophies address and benefit all Americans. The NMA is committed to the elimination of health disparities and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

We are hard at work addressing major medical issues and challenges, such as providing equal access to quality health care, and creating a more diverse medical workforce. Through its highly regarded trade publications, the NMA offers important information to its members, constituents, and the medical community. The Journal of the National Medical Association has been published monthly since 1909, and focuses on medical advances and policies that can improve the health care of the disadvantaged. NMA News, the association’s quarterly newsmagazine, provides updates on NMA activities and pertinent issues in medicine. For more information or to subscribe please visit our National Web site at


  • Raise the standards of the medical profession and medical education
  • Stimulate favorable relationships among all physicians
  • Nurture the growth and diffusion of medical knowledge and the prompt universal delivery of knowledge to all peoples by means of an adequate health care delivery system
  • Stimulate the education of the public concerning all matters affecting the public health
  • Sponsor the enactment of just medical laws
  • Eliminate religious, racial, sexual discrimination and segregation from American medical institutions by means of an effective organization of the medical profession within the states and territories of the United States